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Hustle and Flow™

Yoga is much more then the poses we do.  It is a process and a practice of self love, surrender, humility and understanding that is cultivated on your mat and most importantly is integrated into your life!  Yoga is an ancient healing practice that will transform your body, mind and your whole way of being, doing and perceiving!


Doors open 15 minutes before class starts   

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Hustle and Flow™

Not sure which yoga class you’d like to attend? Take a look to find the perfect style! All classes take place at our studio in Portland Maine’s West End, please sign up before class.


Yoga Classes at Hustle and Flow

Vinyasa, aka Flow, intentionally links poses with one another and with breath. Exploring your fullest potential in each moment, each pose, each breath, these classes encourage you to stay fully tuned in to the wisdom within you and care for yourself in anyway that’s appropriate in your practice. Vinyasa is a moving meditation that teaches acceptance of ourselves in the now. Although there are some similarities in the different vinyasa classes, each teacher has their own style and way of teaching.

Hi-Vibes Flow 

Choose to imbibe before you step into the studio or not, this flow is a full sensory experience. Lose yourself in time, let your body be content with your movements, experience euphoria in your body and mind. 

Power Flow 

Our 45 minute Power Yoga Flow is an energizing, strength building, mind clearing, full body bonanza! A fast-paced, heart pumping, sweat inducing, athletic flow set to a playlist of two artists in a song for song battle-asana!

Bubbles and Flow

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday Liz leads you through a flow to stretch and strengthen and at the end of that hour gather with the class and enjoy a glass of bubbly if you wish!

Check out the Studio Calendar to find out when each class is offered. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get a multi-class pass!