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At Hustle and Flow in Portland Maine’s West End, we celebrate many styles and all levels of Yoga and Dance with experienced instructors. From Buti Yoga to Slow Grind Dance Classes, we try to make every class we offer fun, exciting, sexy, and challenging. We recognize that every individual has a unique path to follow and every teacher has a unique gift to offer. Get to know our awesome instructors and don't hesitate to ask them questions in class!


Stephanie Harmon

Hi, I ‘m Stephanie, the owner of Hustle and Flow. 

I am a Certified Buti, Yoga and Dance Instructor. Among other things I am also a clothing designer and Certified Life Coach.  

My mission at Hustle and Flow is to create a fun, empowering, expressive space where all who walk in feel a connection to the space and to each other, where students and teachers alike, not only find peace of mind, but also let go of what they think a class should look like. I'm interested in letting my instructors take what they have learned and morph it into their own unique style, whether it's the music they play or the sequence of moves or the mixture of technique. We are a light hearted bunch, filled with love and respect for each other.  We take what we do very seriously, but we also have the most fun! 

I will continue to bring even more exciting classes to this amazing space, so there is something for everyone!

Email: stephanie@hustleflowstudio.com

Carla Delaney

Drawing from her life of dance, especially ecstatic, dancehall, African, hip-hop, latin and tribal fusion belly dance, and over 15 years of practicing yoga and advanced Pilates training, Carla infuses her classes with sensuous and sinewy strength within a primal flow.

Enjoy the benefits of ancient movements of the divine feminine; shimmies, undulations, serpentines and controlled isolations of the hips, pelvis and chest.

Combined with quick, yet, high-intensity intervals of powerful plyometric exercises and the oceanic waves of vinyasic bliss, there will be no doubt that you are experiencing an effective workout!

Fall in Embrace every curve of your body, fall in love with your feline fluidity and activate your Goddess energy!

Jamie Colpoys

Jamie’s broad background in yoga, athletics, and working with sports injuries give her a unique understanding of how movement can heal, restore and strengthen the mind and body.

Jamie first discovered yoga at a young age in her hometown of Ipswich, Massachusetts. She later continued practicing and teaching as a student at the University of Maine. Here she worked with the U Maine hockey team, using yoga to expedite the healing and prevent future sports injuries. She continued her yoga studies with Luca Richards, in Portland, ME.

Jamie holds certifications in BUTI Yoga, BarSculpt, Pilates Method Alliance, and Cardiolates. She is also an avid skier and surfer, and loves to play trombone in her local band.

Julia Workman

Julia began her movement career in a tutu and pink slippers at age 5, and since then has loved exploring nearly every kind of physical activity imaginable. Snowboarding, soccer, many different styles of dance, a bit of gymnastics, and 2 different styles of martial arts, to name a few. Eventually all the exploration led her to discover Yoga, which started out as a deeply personal practice and way to heal herself, both physically and spiritually.

Since completing her instructor training in the Rasamaya method (Vinyasa), she has been sharing and expanding her practice, developing a unique style which draws from all of her past experience in movement. Julia’s philosophy emphasizes functional and practical use of the body, and the inseparability of the physical and the psychological. With her strong desire to constantly be improving and learning new things, she isn’t afraid to try the bold and unusual. Julia is also a certified Barre, Pilates, and Buti instructor. She has training in psychology and nursing, and is considering branching out into Physical Therapy in the future.

Samantha Rispoli


An avid gymnast and dancer throughout her life, Sam began her yoga journey in 2009 to reconnect with her body and increase flexibility. Yoga has been a life-changing practice for her, a journey to self-love and spirituality. Sam’s passion for health, wellness, and body love was reignited after discovering Buti Yoga in 2013. She became a certified Wellness Coach to facilitate the connection of movement, breath and intuitive wellness. She feels her true path is to help others tap into their intuitive guide and navigate their journey to optimum health!

In class, expect to fuse energetic tribal movement, breath work and body love, an approach Sam uses in every class to encourage students to awaken the goddess deep inside us all. Come as you are and prepare to fall in love with your body while honoring the intuitive feminine wisdom within!

Grace Raggiani


Grace's passion for dance began at the age of three. Growing up she immersed herself in a wide variety of styles including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary/modern, musical theater, interpretive dance, and her all-time favorite, hiphop!

The power of moment has transformed her life, reconnecting her to her true essence of being and becoming her greatest source of self-expression. Through her isolated yet flowing movements she will guide you through a journey to connect with your divine inner-funk. Outside of the studio Grace enjoys spending her time surrounded by the flow arts.

She holds a great passion for hoop dancing and discovering her flow. She is a multidimensional musician with an ongoing desire to discover new forms of music.

She aspires to showcase her talents around the world to inspire those around her to join the beautiful art of movement.

Louisa Irele


Always a lover of movement, Louisa was first introduced to yoga by her modern dance teacher in high school.

But it wasn't until after college that she truly fell in love with the way her asana practice ignited her awareness in all aspects of her life, both on and off the mat.

Her journey took her through many different styles of yoga and ultimately to the completion of her 200hr certification in vinyasa.

Her yoga is infused with modern dance to create a dynamic flow. Louisa believes that yoga is truly for every body, and strives to create a welcoming environment for all to safely explore their own natural movement.

Stacie Archibald

stacie-hustle-and-flowNative Mainer and mom of three Stacie’s goal is to put you in touch with the intuitive side of movement through Buti Yoga and create space and restoration in your body through Yamuna Body Rolling.

A certified Butisattva with a background in Ballet and Modern dance fused years of experience and training with Yamuna Body Rolling create a dynamic and heart pumping workout that engages aspects of mind, body & spirit.

Stacie has a compassionate and funny nature that stems from the recovering physically and mentally from challenging pregnancies and her vast experience caring for adults with disabilities.

What initially drew me to Hustle & Flow was the freeing feeling of moving in a space where there are no judgements or expectations; it has done wonders for my physical and mental health!

Come as YOU are and let’s take a journey into to our inner strength and happiness together!

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